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  • Jesse Lorona
    Very professional and polite office. They work with you and your insurance. They show they actually care for you as a person and not just money. Definitely going to be my dentist. Also very clean office.
    Jesse Lorona
  • Adriana Thomas
    This is a great place to come for dental work. The vibe they give from greeting to service is overall 100% great. The doctor at work and the front desk girls are welcoming and the work they do is great. First time I don't cry getting dental work done.
    Adriana Thomas
  • Andrea Fonseca
    I have had such an amazing experience with Dr. Nouri. She and her Staff are professional, kind, caring and very thoughtful. I am so glad I found Magnolia Modern Dental! I definitely recommend them.
    Andrea Fonseca
  • Danielle A.
    Brought my four young kids (ages four - ten) to this dentist and Dr. Nouri did such a great job putting them at ease, explaining what she was doing prior to doing it, and helping them understand how to better care for their teeth. She even let my youngest help hold the suction 🙂 Brand new, clean, and welcoming office. Will definitely be coming back.
    Danielle A.
  • Tuan T.
    Exceeds all expectations! You're probably scouring the Internet for a new dental office to go to and overwhelmed with the options. Look no further because Magnolia Modern Dental sets the standards high for what a dental office experience should be. The office: I've been through many offices in Riverside and Orange county, and I have never been to one quite like this. The space is elegant and lined with advanced equipment. The staff: Each and everyone are friendly and welcoming. Most importantly they're experienced and excellent at the work they do which made the overall visit very pleasant. The doctor: Dr. Nouri is incredible at her profession. What I really appreciate is that she informed me of the process before and during procedure, periodically checked on how I was doing, and explained what do expect after the visit. She was spot on.
    Tuan T.
  • Daniel P.
    We came into this new and beautiful dentist office for an exam and X-rays for my daughter which is 11. Super friendly staff from the moment we walked in. Communication was above and beyond. The office is new and immaculate. With the exam they let us know she did have two cavities and was due for a cleaning. With the amazing first impression we agreed to their dental services. Dr. Nouri did an amazing job. She was friendly and courteous! My daughter did so good and we owe it all to the doctor. Very gentle! I highly recommend them for all you dental needs.
    Daniel P.
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