At Magnolia Modern Dental our primary focus is providing all of our patients a fully comprehensive treatment plan, detailing all of your oral health care needs so there are no unexpected surprises in the future.
During the preventative dentistry phase, we address any and all concerns, including cavities, missing teeth, misalignments, and cosmetic desires. We will offer a tailored solution to fit your individual needs, with one goal in mind: to give you a smile you can fall in love with.


Dr. Nouri will consult with you 1-on-1 to fully understand your concerns and needs before beginning the exam. During our initial consultation, we evaluate the overall health of your mouth, including each individual tooth and gum structure. 

During the exam, we will diagnose potential issues and offer a personalized treatment plan to ensure the health and happiness of your mouth. This will include a cleaning schedule and any procedures the doctor deems necessary and wanted. 

We understand life gets busy. We’re here to give you the best oral exam possible so that you can move through your life knowing the health of your mouth is in good hands.


We protect and preserve the natural enamel surrounding your teeth by applying a special fluoride mixture that quickly remineralizes your enamel structure to promote strong durable teeth. Our procedure is completely painless and extremely effective because we use a carefully refined fluoride treatment strategically designed to shield against enamel loss and tooth decay.